YPA App Troubleshooting

The app is not playing any sound.
— When this happens it’s almost always because the volume is turned down or the device is muted. Remember that iOS devices do not treat all audio volume the same. App audio may be muted, but music may still be audible.

The “Shake to play a random liner” action does not appear to work.
— The “Shake” action functions only while at the Main view.

— The “Shake” action may by turned off in the settings.
— Shaking will not play if the Random Pool is Favorites and no liner is marked as a Favorite.

Because the app plays audio on startup, I can’t surprise anyone with a funny saying.
— The startup audio and other announcements made by the interface can be silenced. Under the More tab, on the Settings page, switch Interface Voicings to OFF.

The Shake action is difficult to trigger on an iPad.
— We agree, shaking the iPad enough to produce a shake action is a bit awkward. As an alternative, you can get the same result by tapping on the mouth of the announcer in the photo.


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