What’s New in Version 1.1

Looking for a specific kind of announcement? We’ve added a new search function to help you find the perfect liner by title or transcript.

User Categories:
Are the standard categories to general for you? You can now create your own liner categories with an ordered list of the liners you choose. You can even configure the Shake-to-Play-a-Random-Liner feature to pick from one of your custom categories.

Requested Liners:
We’ve added ten new liners requested by YPA users and voiced by Your Personal Announcer, Nick Sanabria. Hear them all in the new User Requests category.

Today, in the Digital edition of Cynopsis Media, they made a nice mention of Your Personal Announcer under the heading “~ WEBSITE OF THE DAY ~”

“You ever hear a quote or quip or catchphrase from an announcer and wish you could introduce it during those perfect opportunities in conversations, but alas, your voice just does not stack up? It might be just me, but there’s something to be said about creatively making your friends laugh (or annoying them, depending on the friend). For this, let me draw your attention to a new app in the Apple App Store called Your Personal Announcer. It’s as simple as you’d think; voiced by a professional announcer, the app has stockpiled numerous quotes and one-liners for you to use at your disposal, or as the app says, when you need ‘the big announcer voice.’ Queue them up, create a list of favorites if you like, and go bother your friends. After all, why else have an iPhone? Ahem, don’t answer that.”

– Sahil Patel for Cynopsis: Digital


Late Wednesday night the app was approved by Apple for the App Store and just about an hour ago it went LIVE!

YPA is available here on the iPhone App Store.

All of us at Faust Logic, Vodeo Productions, and of course, Nick Sanabria, had a great time developing this app. We hope you like it!